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Is it a Good Thing to Reintroduce Wolves in Colorado?

Wolves actually are needed in Colorado. This is not for the purpose of restoring a natural ecological balance, but wolves are essential for restoring a healthy ecosystem and to correct the wrong that were imposed to wolves and wild lands. Wolves actually are ecologically important, widespread and a common carnivore and were actually subjected to the campaign of persecution in order to tame the land meant for livestock.

The doomsday scenario in fact predicted that if wolves are restored to the wildlands in Northern Rocky Mountain states in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana in fact never come to pass. Wolves actually never decimated elk herd nor have ruined the ranching industry in these states. There’s no clear indication that they can do this in Colorado.

In the Northern Rocky Mountain state, there’s actually about 1,700 gray wolves. The data gathered from state wildlife agencies in fact documented that elk populations and also hunter success is actually above the average than the pre-wolf reintroduction.

Wolves were considered to be best friends of hunters. It’s actually because wolves just choose the weak or the diseased which makes the herd become healthier and stronger. The fact that wolves helps to moderate herd size, elks don’t over browse the place and landscapes become healthier. It actually means that wolves are able to help to balance the health of a herd and its habitat.

Any compensation to ranchers from livestock loss because of wolves have to be fair and one that should be reasonable. In Washington state, ranchers are paid twice for the verified loss to help them compensate from the animals that were not found but could possibly be lost because of wolves.

When wolves were first introduced to the Northern Rockies, livestock losses to the wolves have been compensated by the Defenders of Wildlife. When the states took over the management of wolf, the Federal government took over payments. Defendants also are focused in the prevention of wolf depredations through funding wolf coexistent projects that includes guard dogs, range riders and also portable fencing.

The ranchers in the Northern Rockies who implements coexistent strategies are living successfully with carnivores. The implementation of coexistent strategies require changes on the management of livestock. The changes like range riders will not only help prevent wolf depredation and shows to benefit the condition of the rangers that benefits ranchers.

Proponents in wolf reintroduction such as in the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project in fact knows that coexistence is actually possible and wolf restoration is effectively done through proper education and seeking restoration of the natural heritage and natural balance.

Wolves are really important to getting a healthy ecosystem. It is actually possible for our livestocks to coexist with wolves.

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